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January 20, 2007

A Stroll On A Winter's Day

One of the pleasures of living in London is the great range of activities. Today I awoke to find the sun shining through the windows, a nice change to the constant drizzle and overcast skies that have been around lately. We have lived here now for 3.5 months and sadly have not yet headed over to Hyde Park. Since the sun was out, it seemed like the perfect day to head out for a stroll.

Naturally, I hadn't actually got out of bed until nearly midday and if we were going to go burn some energy, then we first needed a fry up to provide that energy. Thus we didn't walk out the front door until about 2pm.

We wandered past Tower Bridge and weaved through the crowds of tourists towards London Bridge Station via More London and caught the tube to Green Park.

Green Park

We strolled through Green Park towards Buckingham Palace, along one edge of the park looking at the mansions overlooking the park. We then headed along another edge towards Hyde Park. The weather was a little nippy, but I kept going through the ritual of - stopping, removing gloves, taking photos, putting gloves back on - repeatedly.

gp01.JPG gp02.JPG gp03.JPG gp04.JPG gp05.JPG gp06.JPG gp07.JPG

Hyde Park

Between Green Park & Hyde Park is Wellingtons Arch. One one side of it is the Australian War Memorial which lists the names of Australian towns. Late last year they added a New Zealand War Memorial , so we stopped to have a look.

Over in Hyde Park we decided to walk along the southern side of the Serpentine, watching the rollerbladers playing.

hp01.JPG hp02.JPG hp03.JPG hp04.JPG

Kensington Gardens

At the end of Hyde Park we crossed over to Kensington Gardens. When we first came to the UK, we stayed in Bayswater not far from Kensington Gardens and spent many hours in this park. We used to cross from one side of Kensington Gardens to the other, to get to the museum area. Every time we come back here it feels a little like being home.

A few days ago there were very strong winds across the UK. It seemed they had hit Kensington Gardens too, as we saw two large trees that had been uprooted.

kg01.JPG kg02.JPG kg03.JPG kg04.JPG kg05.JPG kg06.JPG

Kensington Palace Gardens

At the far edge of Kensington Gardens is Kensington Palace. Behind the palace is a road known as Kensington Palace Gardens, containing some of the most expensive houses in the world. The street contains a combination of embassies and private houses. There are guard houses at either end and police patrolling the road. Pedestrians are allowed to walk along the road, but photography is not allowed. For some reason we've never actually walked along here, so with some glee we strolled along the road towards Notting Hill, checking out the mansions, daydreaming.

The sun was now disappearing, so we stopped in for a coffee at Caffe Nero. We then decided to head out to Canary Wharf to see a movie. We decided to do a test on the way to see which was the quickest way to the cinema on the tube. Pete went via the Central Line & then the DLR. I went via the Central Line and then the Jubilee Line. I just missed my connection and had to wait a huge 9 minutes for the next train - this was pretty unlucky as usually there are trains every 3-5 minutes. But even if I hadn't missed the conenction, Pete still would have beat me.

January 21, 2007

A New Name, A New Site

Having gained a new surname 6 months ago, I've decided to ditch the old website and setup a new site. What better way to spend a Sunday then installing, configuring and playing with nerdy computer stuff. Hmmn, that kinda sounds like what I do 5 days a week anyhow...

So new email address: julie@juliewilliams.info

New blog: http://juliewilliams.info

New ancestry website: http://ancestry.juliewilliams.info

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