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The 1000 Quid Toy

So yes, we've just been to Orlando, Florida, USA for a week.

1. For Julie to give a presentation at the ASUG 2006 Conference

Here's a pic of me just before we flew out, all baggy eyed from last minute changes to my presentation.

2. To enjoy some sun - and there was plenty of it.
3. To relax by the pool.
4. To drive around in a convertible.
5. To go on some cool rollercoasters

But no.. the main reason was for Peter to buy his latest toy... yes this little silver box really cost 1000 quid. It has 4 x 500gb hdd in it - in raid configuration it holds 1.3Tb.

The ReadyNAS NV
The Bunker.JPG

The best place to buy this toy? Eaegis

nb. Next to it is a sexy picture of Peter's brother, Smelly Ev. Why do I have such a lovely photo of him on my desk? It was a precious birthday gift from Smelly Ev.


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