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Spring is here. It may be 2 days until the Spring equinox, but it has decided to come early. It is that delightful time of year where it reaches an amazing 15+ degrees and it seems oh so warm – well at least that is what my brain now says having been acclimatised to English weather. Friday lunchtime as I walked in to town to post my invoice off, I found myself heating up quickly. It showed great promise for the weekend.

Good weather means there is no excuse for staying indoors. So today since I was back down South for the weekend, we decided to head to Salisbury for a walk. Of course I had caught up on a little sleep, so our first stop had to be the pub for lunch. Pete had consulted his pub guide and gave us 2 choices. We opted for the pub with the beer garden, so we could sit outside in the sun. We strolled through Salisbury, wandering why we hadn’t come to this town before now. It is only a 30 minute drive to Salisbury, I guess we have driven through it a number of times on the way to Stonehenge.

So, 2 pubs , 1 chosen, and guess what – Pete managed to take us to the wrong one. He of course came up with some feeble excuse, blaming it on the book or something like that, but we just paid him out. We then headed to the correct pub.

Grub in our tumtums, we headed through town to the side of the River Avon. On the way we passed a pub called ‘The Mill’ with outside seating near the river – Pete decided we would have to visit that later. The plan was to follow a path alongside the river to Old Sarum. Old Sarum was the original site of Salisbury where there was a castle and a church. Somewhere along the way they decided it was no good because of lack of water supply and thus moved down the hill beside the river and built a new cathedral – the Salisbury Cathedral – and thus New Sarum (Salisbury) was born.

The walk along the river was lovely in the sun. On the way we saw lots of baby ducks – they were so cute. There was also an abundance of swans, which appeared to be tagged. We then diverted from the river, crossing it where people were paddling and a dog was fetching a stick in the river, and headed up the hill. The path was overgrown in one bit and I got a great shot of Pete’s backside as he crawled through the brush. At the top of the hill were the ruins of Old Sarum an English Heritage site. The views from the top of the hill were spectacular – unfortunately it was a little hazy. Our shadows on the hillside amused us.

As the visitor season doesn’t start until April, or in the case of this year, Easter – we arrived just as the main site was closing. We headed back into Salisbury to the cathedral. Once again we were unlucky – we made it in time but it was closed for a concert. So we walked around the outside, took some photos and listened to the music seeping out. So now we have 2 things to come back to Salisbury for.

We went back to the pub we’d seen earlier. I did want to go to the tearooms, but they were closed. It took ages to get served in the pub. The barmaid was searching everywhere for a pen until I pointed out that she had on stuck in her hair. It started to turn chilly so we downed our drinks and headed home.

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Janet Williams:

Some pickies would be really nice


Sorry, pics will arrive at some stage, I just don't have them with me up North.

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