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Saint Pats Day

I have nearly completed 2 weeks of my first contract here in Stafford. What better way top get to know your new work mates then to go out drinking with them. At lunchtime we went to a local pub/club. The excuse was that since I have some Irish ancestry it was valid for us to celebrate St Pats day. It turned out that they had no Guinness, so the guys could say when we left that they left the pub with no Guinness.

Stu sent out an invite for the evening. So first I dropped the car at the hotel and caught a taxi into the first pub, an Irish pub called Joxeur Bradys. There were a few people from work and then a small group of Stu’s other mates. They were already well and truly staggering having started earlier in the day and thought it great fun to start up with some Aussie jokes. They had already got themselves Guinness hats – which required 5 vouchers (you get 1 per pint of Guinness). So my goal for the night was to get a Guinness hat – preferably without having to drink any Guinness. This was to be no easy feat – the first 6 pubs we went to either weren’t running the promotion or had run out of hats.

Next stop for the night was a pub called the Crown and Thorn. They weren’t celebrating St Pats as it was there one-year anniversary of moving into the pub. They had some free food out, like sausage rolls and sandwiches. We had some food. A couple of drinks and played a 6 round robin of pool between Stu, Tom and myself. At this stage we were the only ones. Stu’s other mates had moved on to the next pub. Tom’s mate from Stone phoned up and Tom talked him into heading into Stafford. So now there were 4 of us.

We headed to The Bear. The barmaids couldn’t quite do the clovers in the froth on top of the Guinness so Tom showed them how. Five minutes later they came over and pointed out we hadn’t actually paid for our drinks. Next stop, The Swan. They had no gin left – how could this be possible? Had to resort to a couple of Southern’s and coke instead. Next onto Wetherspoons – this one was in an old theatre – huge, pretty cool. Then across the road to the Litten Tree.

At the Litten Tree they had screens up that you could send texts to, including song requests. Whilst at Wetherspoons we had tried to convince Stu that he should ask the 2 blondes nearby to sign a contract giving themselves to him. So now it seemed sensible to send a text to the screens saying ‘Sign your body over to Stu’. I’m not sure what Stu replied with, but he apparently got a text saying he was banned from texting the screen.

Last stop of the night, Chicago’s, and yes they had HATS – woohoo. By this stage we had 6 vouchers, as pubs had been slack with giving them out. So to get 2 hats, we needed another 4 vouchers. 4 people = 4 pints = 4 vouchers. So we got our 2 hats and by this stage I’d drunk enough so that my pint of Guinness seemed to taste ok. Of course I looked very sexy in my new hat! I had fun playing with the Guinness giving myself moustaches with the froth. But then I got too much Guinness froth on my face and figured it might make good face moisturiser. Stu was ready to go home, so he gave Rob his hat. We followed not far behind.

Next morning – I was the first to get into work with the others an hour or more behind!


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