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Frisbee & Cooking?

What’s the best way to get Pete to cook? Bribery! Today there was more nice weather, although not as good as yesterday. We headed to Willow’s for a BLT for brunch. Then back home to get some chores done before taking off up north again. As the end of the day was approaching, Pete started going on about wanting to go down to the park to play Frisbee. So I agreed that we would, on the condition that he made dinner. He agreed – which shows how desperately he wanted to play Frisbee.

We headed across to the park, and got an hour of Frisbee in before it started getting dark and chilly. I managed to hit my head with the Frisbee – it’s a bit sore. Justin decided he should do a left hand throw and his first attempt was a really good throw. His second (and last) attempt well um, it went out of the park over the hedges onto the edge of the road. Yes, Justin is the first one to have managed to chuck the Frisbee out of the park.

I fear there is no going back now – Pete will want to play Frisbee at every possible chance. We headed home and yes Pete did make dinner.

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This Justin guy sounds alright!

I just have to say that the dinner Pete cooked was pretty good as well. Who would have thought.....


yellow jules, still havent had time to do my addy, happy easter though, heh, and may the easter bunny bless you :P


hmm, this is the requested comment and it says "where is all the new postings??"

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