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FA Cup 1/4 Final

We have been very slack since moving to the UK and rarely go to football (soccer) matches. The local team, Southampton Saints, are in the premier league and their stadium is a 10 minute walk from our place.

This year they have made it to the quarter final of the FA cup and would be playing Manchester United. Now normally it is very hard if not impossible to get tickets to a match against Man Utd. I sent Pete down to the stadium yesterday to see if there were any tickets left and there was about 200 single seats left. However, to purchase tickets you needed to be on their database as having bought tickets this season. Now we have been to a match this season, but someone else bought the tickets for us. So I rang a ex-colleague up at B&Q who I knew would be able to get tickets and asked him very nicely if he could please get 3 tickets for us – and he did!

So, at the match our seats were all reasonably near each other. Justin even had a spare seat next to him, so after half time Pete moved next to him and I stayed in my aisle side seat. I had the binoculars so I could check out the cute players! The game was pretty much over within the first 2 minutes when ManU managed to get a goal – the thrashing had begun. The match ended 4-0 and ManU nearly had even more goals. It was amusing to listen to the crowd chanting unintelligibly – well at least I couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Some ManU supporters even threw a flare onto the pitch. It was also very very cold – having learnt from previous matches I wore some of Pete’s thermals!

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Good onya Jules...I have been going to your site for ages looking for new entries...

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