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JB Hacker Reborn

Today started much like any other day. I woke up at 10:30am and dragged myself out of bed. This may sound like I was sleeping in, but it actually meant I had only slept for 7 hours.

I have caught the coding bug, it happens now and again. Well maybe the phrase 'coding bug' is a bit far fetched, cause for those who know me well professionally, they know that the phrase JB hacker better suits me.

Anyhow, not having the patience to sit down and figure out how I want my website to look, I've gone and installed some more software called PhpGedView. It is geneaology software. You can enter all your family history details and it display charts and other such stuff (yes that's the techncial explanation). Once again I have spent more time hacking one of the default themes to try and get it to look like I want it to, rather than adding actual content. I have added some content,but the pages don't look exactly how I want them yet. Here is a temporary link for you to have a look if you are bored - Family History.

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Crazy Jules! We cant leave you alone for a minute!

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