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Last Friday I decided to ring a few agencies about current contracts around. Why? Because I think Australia must have been wiped off the face of the Earth as there could not possibly be any other reason as to why the company there has not got back to me.

Anyhow, within 10 minutes of a call, I was offered a contract. Since it it was just past 5pm I said I would let them know Monday morning.

Sunday evening I spent a good amount of time on the phone to Pyc, attempting to suck as much information as possible out of his experienced greymatter.

Monday morning (late) I rang the agency and asked a few questions - then gave the go ahead to start drawing up the contract. I also rang my intended accountancy recommended by Pyc. We chatted for about 15 minutes and then I logged on to their website and formed a limited company (same day service).

I now have a company - Jube Consulting Limited. I am the director and company secretary. Pete is also a director - and he will be doing some work thru the company as well (shh don't tell him).

Of course this took very little time - so what better way to use the rest of a Monday than to drive to the DVLA in Bournemouth. Here Yistin had to give up both his Australian driving licence and his passport, to be sent off to Swansea, Wales. Why? So that in 3 weeks time he will be sent back a UK driving licence and hopefully his passport! So no more trips out of the UK for the next 3 weeks for Samuel!

On the way home we had to pick up a bit of wood for Ms Curle. This meant a detour on the way home to Bedmasters to get a replacement side piece for her bed (goodness knows how she broke that ;-). Of course this couldn't be a nice simple task. The A36 north was shut for roadworks, so we had to backtrack down the motorway and do some nifty navigating thru the back roads of Hampshire. We eventually found the place and then took a new way back to the motorway.

Whilst there I got another call from the agency. Alas within a matter of hours the contract had fallen thru - such a fickle business this is.

Back in Southampton, we unloaded the wood at Tamsin's palce and waited for Pete to arrive with the keys. Naturally it now decided to start snowing. For those not familiar with the weather of Southampton, it usually only snows once or twice during winter and then hardly at all. However we woke up this morning and it was snowing for a while and it has started snowing again and is doing so as I type this. Therefore the snowing quota for this winter is now used up. Here's some pics from our loungeroom window of the so called snowing.



Not doing much today, I mean who wants to go out into this sort of weather. I am currently mucking around with logos for my company, something to pass the time. Have included a couple below, but ultimately I will get one done properly by a graphic designer.



The only other event of the day was Pete's discovery of our own little garden in the vegetables cupboard. Once upon a time, in the far back corner of a cupboard, there lived a family of baby potatoes. The poor lot felt very abandoned and so they decided to start sprouting....


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Is it true that Peter squealed like a girl when he saw the potatoes.....

Trev & Caz:

Hey it runs in the family my daugther the spud famer.


i saw nannas postcard from denmark and wasnt sure if it was sand or snow

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