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First The Pub, Then The Hill

Yesterday the weather forecast for today was a clear cold day. So we went to bed knowing that the next day may be a nice day for a walk. Despite this, I still slept in until 10:30am. Once I awoke I did indeed find a nice clear blue sky outside with the sun shining.

Of course the day may be great for a walk but this does not necessarily make the task of deciding where to go any easier. To save too much thinking, I chose Butser Hill since apparently you can see for miles around once at the top.

Having decided on the walk, we next needed to choose a pub for lunch, as it was now nearly midday and none of us had eaten. Yesterday we bought the AA Pub Guide 2005 which I now covered so that we could have a look at it and determine which pub we should go to. However, Pete decided that he wanted to go to a pub we'd had a quick drink at last summer.

So off we set on a nice scenic drive thru the Meon Valley, our goal the Seven Stars in Stroud on the A272. We hit a bit of traffic enroute and then did a quick detour into the car park at Wickham so I could answer a phone call. Here I spent a few minutes gibbering techo SAP stuff at Ms Thompson so the poor sod could get on with her work on this glorious Saturday. Then off we set again, on a nice drive (read racetrack) to the pub.


Well the food was absolutely delicious! I had a chicken and bacon salad, followed by banoffee pie - yummo. Of course I had my 1 allowed GnT as well. At this point we could easily have just settled down to spend the remainder of the day in the pub. Pete even took a lovely photo of his beer. But at 3pm we were in the car, driving the last 5 minutes to the start of our walk.


The walk started from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park centre. We parked and hopped out into the freezing cold and put on our scarves and gloves. It was windy and immediately I wished I also had my beanie to keep my poor ears warm. We set off up the hill, which is only 231m high - but hills aren't abundant in southern England. We started the climb and I swear the wind got worse , changing from mighty breezy to gusty. In fact near the top people were flying kites. Justin obviously has too much energy, because at points he was running up the hill.

1902-jb.JPG 1902-boys.JPG

At the top the views were indeed lovely, the rolling South Downs. There was a communication tower at the top and as you walked around it there were great views in all directions.

1902-ct.JPG 1902-v2.JPG 1902-v3.JPG 1902-luv.JPG

Of course there is also a marker at the highest point. Samuel decided to climb up on this to get a better view.

1902-koc1.JPG 1902-koc2.JPG

After taking a whole heap of photos there was nothing much more to do so we headed back down. Of course Pete needed to do his normal photo taking from a strange postion first. We now had a new goal in mind - a nice pot of tea back at home.


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This is a great idea....wish I had a digital camera but then I haven't got interesting things to photo like you...8-)

well that was interesting reading i bought annie a ride on mower so i wouldnt have to mow its her mower & little trailer will send photos later .
have been flat out working .
off up the coast to do job for gio ,southwest rocks ,
will catch up i will load a heap of rubbish onto youre web site when i learn how to

trev & caz:

Love the view and the pub looks very cosy.
have been working hard
dad is enjoying his tafe course.

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