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A Lovely Winter Stroll

Somewhere around 1pm, having now been up for a couple of hours, the three of us started thinking about our tummys. We also started thinking that maybe we should try and get out of the apartment and do something with our day - a big step I know. Pete has been bugging us for the past couple of weeks to go eat at the John Lewis eatery, so we decided maybe it was time to humour him. We'd also been looking at possibly doing a walk, despite the fact that it is miserable grey winter, and decided that following lunch we'd head off to Winchester.

Lunch: Yes well the food was ok, but I found the whole experience rather depressing. The place was full of middle aged women and lots of children. I couldn't help but sit there thinking I don't want to get that old and I don't want kids. They just all looked so tired.

Enough of that malarky. Off to Winchester we headed. We parked at an area outside of Winchester called St Cross. We walked into Winchester along the river Itchen. The sun decided to come out to make the walk a little more pleasant.

Since Justin is new to the country, there are some things he needs to be taught - for instance 'what is a kissing gate'.

1602-kg.JPG 1602-rb.JPG

We saw some lovely swans, walked past the Winchester College, past the house where Jane Austen died. A quick walk up into a church above a gatehouse, then past the Winchester Cathedral. We also saw King Alfie.

1602-sw.JPG 1602-wc.JPG 1602-ka.JPG

Peter was in charge of the photography today. He kept getting in the strangest positions to take the photos, Yistin and I couldn't help but take advantage of the situation. We then walked up St Giles Hill to get a nice view over the city.

1602-kp.JPG 1602-wv.JPG

At last, time for a break, a G and T with ice and slice in a local pub. However it was now nearly 6pm and we had to get back to the car. We headed up to the 'Great Hall' to check out the round table, only to find it had just closed. Luckily the guy saw us and came and opened it back up for us to have a quick look. Then we headed back along the river to St Cross.

1602-rh.JPG 1602-eod.JPG

The end of a day, time for a cocktail or two or three or four. Too lazy to head out too far, our local Chiquito restaurant did the trick. A three course meal, alcohol - then time to go home to bed.. zzz.

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Jules forgot to mention that she drank the restaurant dry leaving nothing for Peter or myself!

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