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February 15, 2005

Welcome to My Madness

So it has now been over 2 weeks since I finished work at B&Q. I am quite enjoying my new life of doing nothing. Even my week in the snow in Flaine, France was like a week of doing nothing. I am supposed to start my new job on the 1st of March, but I'm starting to wonder if I can afford to delay it longer.

Having nothing to do I figured it must be high time for me to set up my web page proper. As usual I'm sure I'll spend more time mucking around with grotesque colour schemes, rather than the actual content. However, I shall endeavour to keep it up to date - so now my dear friends and family back in Oz shall have no reason to complain that I never email them!

Anyhow, I shall think about adding some real content in the next day or so, but for now here is a pic of my poor finger which I peeled whilst making a roast for the boys.. poor Jules...

Yukky Nail (now hidden for Mish benefit)

February 16, 2005

JB Hacker Reborn

Today started much like any other day. I woke up at 10:30am and dragged myself out of bed. This may sound like I was sleeping in, but it actually meant I had only slept for 7 hours.

I have caught the coding bug, it happens now and again. Well maybe the phrase 'coding bug' is a bit far fetched, cause for those who know me well professionally, they know that the phrase JB hacker better suits me.

Anyhow, not having the patience to sit down and figure out how I want my website to look, I've gone and installed some more software called PhpGedView. It is geneaology software. You can enter all your family history details and it display charts and other such stuff (yes that's the techncial explanation). Once again I have spent more time hacking one of the default themes to try and get it to look like I want it to, rather than adding actual content. I have added some content,but the pages don't look exactly how I want them yet. Here is a temporary link for you to have a look if you are bored - Family History.

A Lovely Winter Stroll

Somewhere around 1pm, having now been up for a couple of hours, the three of us started thinking about our tummys. We also started thinking that maybe we should try and get out of the apartment and do something with our day - a big step I know. Pete has been bugging us for the past couple of weeks to go eat at the John Lewis eatery, so we decided maybe it was time to humour him. We'd also been looking at possibly doing a walk, despite the fact that it is miserable grey winter, and decided that following lunch we'd head off to Winchester.

Lunch: Yes well the food was ok, but I found the whole experience rather depressing. The place was full of middle aged women and lots of children. I couldn't help but sit there thinking I don't want to get that old and I don't want kids. They just all looked so tired.

Enough of that malarky. Off to Winchester we headed. We parked at an area outside of Winchester called St Cross. We walked into Winchester along the river Itchen. The sun decided to come out to make the walk a little more pleasant.

Since Justin is new to the country, there are some things he needs to be taught - for instance 'what is a kissing gate'.

1602-kg.JPG 1602-rb.JPG

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February 19, 2005

First The Pub, Then The Hill

Yesterday the weather forecast for today was a clear cold day. So we went to bed knowing that the next day may be a nice day for a walk. Despite this, I still slept in until 10:30am. Once I awoke I did indeed find a nice clear blue sky outside with the sun shining.

Of course the day may be great for a walk but this does not necessarily make the task of deciding where to go any easier. To save too much thinking, I chose Butser Hill since apparently you can see for miles around once at the top.

Having decided on the walk, we next needed to choose a pub for lunch, as it was now nearly midday and none of us had eaten. Yesterday we bought the AA Pub Guide 2005 which I now covered so that we could have a look at it and determine which pub we should go to. However, Pete decided that he wanted to go to a pub we'd had a quick drink at last summer.

So off we set on a nice scenic drive thru the Meon Valley, our goal the Seven Stars in Stroud on the A272. We hit a bit of traffic enroute and then did a quick detour into the car park at Wickham so I could answer a phone call. Here I spent a few minutes gibbering techo SAP stuff at Ms Thompson so the poor sod could get on with her work on this glorious Saturday. Then off we set again, on a nice drive (read racetrack) to the pub.


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February 22, 2005


Last Friday I decided to ring a few agencies about current contracts around. Why? Because I think Australia must have been wiped off the face of the Earth as there could not possibly be any other reason as to why the company there has not got back to me.

Anyhow, within 10 minutes of a call, I was offered a contract. Since it it was just past 5pm I said I would let them know Monday morning.

Sunday evening I spent a good amount of time on the phone to Pyc, attempting to suck as much information as possible out of his experienced greymatter.

Monday morning (late) I rang the agency and asked a few questions - then gave the go ahead to start drawing up the contract. I also rang my intended accountancy recommended by Pyc. We chatted for about 15 minutes and then I logged on to their website and formed a limited company (same day service).

I now have a company - Jube Consulting Limited. I am the director and company secretary. Pete is also a director - and he will be doing some work thru the company as well (shh don't tell him).

Of course this took very little time - so what better way to use the rest of a Monday than to drive to the DVLA in Bournemouth. Here Yistin had to give up both his Australian driving licence and his passport, to be sent off to Swansea, Wales. Why? So that in 3 weeks time he will be sent back a UK driving licence and hopefully his passport! So no more trips out of the UK for the next 3 weeks for Samuel!

On the way home we had to pick up a bit of wood for Ms Curle. This meant a detour on the way home to Bedmasters to get a replacement side piece for her bed (goodness knows how she broke that ;-). Of course this couldn't be a nice simple task. The A36 north was shut for roadworks, so we had to backtrack down the motorway and do some nifty navigating thru the back roads of Hampshire. We eventually found the place and then took a new way back to the motorway.

Whilst there I got another call from the agency. Alas within a matter of hours the contract had fallen thru - such a fickle business this is.

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February 25, 2005

Fi turns 20

Well nothing much has been happening. Lousy weather doesn't inspire one to venture far from home. I have played squash, been to the gym and enjoyed coffees in town. Have also dragged myself to the dentist - now I ahve to get a root canal, yay.

My baby sister turned 20 on Thursday - poor mother must be feeling old! Friday night she had a birthday dinner at La Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Bedford Place. Not a bad turn out, about 20 people. Here's a few pics.

February 27, 2005

Pinot Noir

Something else to pass the time - wine tasting. That is, we have been buying different Pinot Noirs to try. Our inspiration - the movie Sideways - where the main characters favourite wine is a Pinot Noir. We even managed to get an American Pinot Noir from the same approximate area where the movie is set.

February 28, 2005

Running for the Train and Hovercraft

What better way to spend a cold English day, then a trip to the Isle of Wight. There are a number of ways to get to the Isle of Wight, the easiest is the fast ferry from Southampton Town Quay which is less than a 10 minute walk from our place. However, the fast ferry would be no where near as much fun as a ride on a hovercraft. The hovercraft goes from Portsmouth to Ryde.

To get to Portsmouth, we had to walk over the Itchen bridge to the Woolston train station. Naturally we didn't leave quite early enough and 3/4 of the way across we saw the train approaching. This was our first sprint of the day. The train conductor kindly waited for us.

We arrived in Portsmouth and spent some time wandering around town before heading to the hovercraft. The hovercraft trip over was quite cool. Ryde however was not very exciting. We wandered around and then had some food. Then once again it was time for a quick sprint to catch the hovercraft back. Good thing we got to it in time because it appeared to break down on the other side.

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